Mobile Solutions

Solutions within the mobile arena

Since 2006, Canaliza has promoted the analysis and development of solutions within the mobile arena.

We took our first steps in the leisure field, the first motor in commercialising services and contents with mobile telephones in our country.

Later on, we put  part of our effort toward developing solutions for large companies, which allows them to open new relationship windows with their clients.

Applications arose which allowed for product commercialisation, to perform advanced customer care tasks, and lastly, to be able to provide services through mobile platforms.

The generation of complementary channels not only allows for increasing service windows, but also manages to differentiate the company’s offer as opposed to their competitors, through the method with greatest potential for growth over the upcoming years.

Mobile solutions

This area’s great potential has led us to take steps beyond applications and services oriented toward the end client, promoting developments at the heart of mobile technology.

This trajectory in the development of Mobile Solutions has allowed us to establish close relationships with the main agents in the industry.