Market research

In strategic areas

We develope and implement custom solutions based on advanced statistical analysis methodologies in order to make decisions both in company strategic and in operative areas.

We perform market segmentations, we analyse consumer targets and profiles, both in industry and in industrial studies, determining the ideal configuration for the product (or service), optimising the structure of the offer available and analysing the elasticity of prices for the demand, as well as an entire series of sensitivities analyses (cannibalisation, substitution, etc…).

We provide our clients with simulation tools based on knowledge of the consumer purchase process, which provide information for the decision process in launching new products and services, adding our analysis process to the products and services roadmap process of our clients.

How we do it


Added value based on…

…innovation, implementing and developing custom advanced statistical analysis techniques, which provide information on consumer behaviour in the purchasing process, as well as the true things that are important and preferences of the client throughout said process.

…results oriented toward the handling of relevant information, through market simulators, optimisers for product lines, dynamic benchmarking and a product roadmap in order to improve current results.

…methodology applicable to both products and services and to processes.

…client information to analyse any product or market, based on updated and direct information on what consumers think.

All of this is based on a quick and effective market research method based on web applications, using potential profiles found currently in the process of purchase decision processes.