Web Platforms

With the definitive take-off of Internet use in our country, the demand has exponentially increased for the development of web platforms with multiple operations, allowing organisations to interact with their public.

As of today, and thanks to the joint work of the Open Source community, solutions are no longer developed from scratch, which implies high economic and time costs, to which complex future scalability problems may be added.  Now there are solid platforms with an infinity of developed applications, which need only be modelled to adjust to exactly what your business needs.

Canaliza Software has specialised in the management, implementation and adaptation of main solutions, standing as a secure alternative in order to put your web proposal into action.

Content managers such as Joomla 1.7, Drupal or Wordpress, document managers such as Liferay, e-commerce platforms such as Actinic or OSCommerce are some of the platforms we handle with ease.