Web-Mobile Strategy

Integral view of the market

We contribute to your organisation’s strategic development in the IT, Web and Mobile area, by analysing your business and the scope within which it unfolds.

We provide you with an integral view of the market you are operating it, identifying new opportunities and action plans which allow your company to open doors guaranteeing your future growth.

In a setting such as the current one, where technological development provokes brusque changes in markets (new competitors, advanced technological innovations…), it is necessary to have a clear perception that allows your company to which paths to take from amongst all the doors that are open.

Our integral consulting brings your business closer to the reality of this new relationship, communication and sales windows. Assessment on where you should situate yourself and the relationship you should establish with your public.

Thanks to a specialised team of consultants and analysts, Canaliza Software can indicate the path to take, as they are capable of distinguishing, in a market that tends toward euphoria (where everything new “smells” like success), what will lead your projects to success and what will lead your investments to failure.


At Canaliza, we add our experience in business consulting and the analysis of the role that the mobile telephone plays on the current stage to our technical capacity to develop mobility solutions.

If what a mobile terminal can offer your organisation is important, the way it interacts with the off-line mobile world is even more so; in other words, the intermediation with the real world that mobility offers organisations.

We walk this path on a daily basis, hand-in-hand with projects and clients, making us well aware of the relationship that commercial and financial organisations must maintain with all of their clients.

To this end, we analyse and define:

-          Business, commercial and marketing strategies.

-          Technical and operative processes.

Carrying out these tasks makes us unique in a market where there is little experience. Canaliza does, in fact, have this experience, after participating in innovative, first-level projects, both in Spain and in Latin America:

-          M-Wallet

-          Payment methods

-          M-commerce

-          Customer loyalty

-          Couponing

-          Parking