About Us

Understanding your needs, improving your business

We are a flexible and dynamic organisation, formed by a group of honest professionals qualified in multiple areas, thereby making our company a multi-disciplinary entity.

This polyvalence allows us to understand the problems organisations face, with a 360° viewthat leads us in a very efficient manner to the optimum solution required for their activity.

Technological experts, economists, communication and marketing professionals, strategic and commercial analysts, designers, and other profiles make up our human resources, a key element to offer a service of value to our clients.


At Canaliza Software, we are seeking to increase the competency and innovation level of the organisations wherein we intervene, contributing a deep KNOWLEDGE of technology, processes and people for this purpose.

At our organisation, we understand that, before all else, we must provide SOLUTIONS for our clients, placing the best professionals at their disposal along with the best resources to resolve their problems which may arise short-, mid- and long-term, with the highest degree of efficiency and satisfaction.

At Canaliza Software we are aware of the importance of cost in your organisation’s decision-making.  For this reason, we have created a light, dynamic and flexible structure which allows us to offer the most COMPETITIVE services, offering the quality standards you always require.