Understanding your needs,
improving your business.

At Canaliza , we are seeking to increase the competency and innovation level of the organisations wherein we intervene, contributing a deep KNOWLEDGE of technology, processes and people for this purpose.



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Índice de Cumplimiento Institucional

Ethical management pro

Un servicio capaz de analizar el cumplimiento individual de los indicadores empresariales e institucionales previamente definidos por su organización


Logos Campus Software y SAP

SAP Partner

The Best-Run Businesses Run SAP

Since the year 2005, we have provided specialised service in implementation, migration and maintenance of applications based on SAP technology.

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Mobile Virtual Network Operator


Canaliza has been consolidated as a reference point in the world of MVNOs, assessing and helping to start up new initiatives both in Spain and in Latin America.

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Web-Mobile Strategy

Integral view of the market

We contribute to your organisation’s strategic development in the IT, Web and Mobile area, by analysing your business and the scope within which it unfolds.

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Market research

In strategic areas

We develope and implement custom solutions based on advanced statistical analysis methodologies in order to make decisions both in company strategic and in operative areas.

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Project Management

Strategic and business view.

In Telecommunications and Information Technologies areas, we manage projects not only from a technical point of view, but also with a strategic and business view.

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